Coaching Expectations

Head Coach
  • Official team spokesperson for the team
  • Coordinates and delegates team responsibilities to the Assistant Coach/Coaches and Team Manager
  • If head coach is selected and approved prior to evaluations, they may request to be part of the team process.
  • Set out player/parent team expectations (rules) at start of ball season or training.
  • Develop practice plans with the input from Assistant Coaches
  • Oversee the supervision and guidance of players
  • Submit end of season player performance evaluations and team performance reports to the Raider’s executive
Assistant Coach
  • Assist with planning and conducting practices
  • Assist with pre-game warm up
  • Provide game time assistance
  • Report to the Head Coach
  • Help with transporting team equipment
  • Player supervision on and off the ball diamonds
  • Work with the Coach on aspects of the game plan
  • Provide a year-end team report to the Raiders executive
Division A

Pre-Season Training

  • 3x per week in the gym 1.5- 2 hours in length
  • When weather permits move outdoors and practice 4-5x per week
  • If a diamond is not available, green space is all that is needed (be creative)
  • If you as the head coach is not available to run a practice, utilize your assistant coaches and parents to run it

Regular Season Training

  • Games will be 2-3x per week
  • Practice 2-3x per week
  • If makeup games are required, practice per week may decrease


The following are tournaments all Raider A teams are expected to participate in. If you are unable to field a team for what is recommended, you must replace the following with another tournament with the exception of the Early Bird Tournament. It is strongly encouraged to attend more tournaments than what is recommended. It is what is in the best interest of the players.

  • All Raider teams will participate in the Early Bird Tournament
  • Presidents Tournament
  • Must participate in one out of town tournament
  • Must participate in City Playoffs
  • Must participate in Provincials
  • Must participate in Westerns if your team qualifies
Division B

Regular Season Training

  • Games will be 2-3x per week
  • Practice 2-3x per week
  • If makeup games are required, practices per week may decrease

Zone 2 Coaching Philosophy

  • Committed to the growth and development of the team
  • Provide each participant a fair opportunity
  • Act in the best interest of the players development as a whole person
  • Endeavor to show and develop team respect for all opposing players, coaches and officials
  • Maintain the highest level of personal conduct and sportsmanship required by Zone 2 Saskatoon Raiders

Selection Process

  • All coaches, new or returning are required to complete an application form
  • Zone Coordinator or a Coach Selection Committee appointed by the Zone Coordinator will review applications
  • Pre-set criteria to be used if more than one applicant for the same position
  • Applicant must have or obtain the necessary coaching qualifications for the position they are applying for
  • A final name will be put forth for Board approval
  • Zone Coordinator will notify the approved applicant. If more than one applicant, successful applicant contacted first, once accepted, remaining applicants notified
  • Successful applicant will be required to obtain and submit a background check administered by the Saskatoon City Police (Criminal Occurrence Security Check) and complete Respect In Sport


Throughout the ball season, coaches may approach the Zone Coordinator for Coaching advice and assistance.

The Zone has a number of ball equipment tools that can be signed out ie pitching machine, bow net. Please contact the Equipment Manager to book these.

Recommended coaching staff should consist minimally of the following:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coaches:
    • Two – Jr. League
    • One – U10 Rookie League
  • Team Manager
  • Treasurer (Jr. League)


Respect in Sport

Softball Saskatchewan now requires that all coaches participating in the sport of softball have completed the online Respect in Sport (RiS) certification (or equivalency), as required by Sask Sport Inc.


Community Softball Coaching

The 2021 Community Softball Coaching clinics will be held at the following locations:

  • Saskatoon – April 24 & 25 – Postponed – Dates TBD

The Raiders will reimburse coaches upon completion of their course. Please keep your receipt and email it to Zone 2 Raiders Fastball.

Competition Introduction

The 2021 Softball Competition Introduction Coaching clinics will be held over 2 weekends at the following locations:

  • Saskatoon – March 13-14 & April 22-25 – Postponed – Dates TBD

The Raiders will reimburse coaches upon completion of their course.  Please keep your receipt and email it to Zone 2 Raiders Fastball.



Provincial Championship that leads to a Canadian Championship
U14A, U16A, U18A

All teams registering for a Provincial Championship that leads to a Western Canadian or Canadian Championship require:

  • a minimum of one (1) Coach to be fully certified Competition Introduction (All three weekends) and the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online exam or
  • have a complete Softball Level II Coaching Certificate (Technical + Practical + Introduction to Competition Part A & B) and
  • must be present at the Provincial Championship and on the bench.

Exception: Masters teams require one coach who has completed the Community Softball Coach Clinic or Softball Level 1 Coaching Certificate under the old system.

Provincial Championships
 U12A, U12B, U12C, U14C, U16C

All Minor teams registering for a Provincial Championship that does not lead to a Western Canadian or Canadian require:

  • a minimum of one (1) coach who has completed the Community Softball Coach Clinic or
  • Softball Competition Introduction weekend 1 and weekend 2 or
  • have a complete Softball Level 1 Coaching Certificate (Technical + Practical + Introduction to Competition Part A) and
  • must be present at the Provincial Championship and on the bench

All coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must have your “Respect in Sport” by May 1,2021. You will not be allowed on the bench without it!

Please check out Softball Sask website for clinic dates and further information.

Team Manager


As a volunteer, a Team Manager gives a great deal of time and organizational effort to the team’s success. The better organized a team manager is, the smoother a team can function and less burden is felt by the team’s coaches.


The responsibilities of a Team Manager may vary from team to team. Basic role includes administrative tasks, organizing team meetings and communicating with parents. It is essential to discuss with coaches as to what role you need to take, and what you are willing to take on.

Then convey this information so the team understands who is responsible for the various roles. The Manager is often the daily liaison between the coach and parents, leaving more time for the coach to focus on player development.

Communication with Players/Parents

Communication often includes daily or weekly updates (coach-parents or parents – coach).

Developing a team contact list helps everyone on a team to stay in touch – especially if needing to find a ride to a game or practice. Ensure everyone is willing before passing along personal information.

Administrative Functions

Listed below are some of the general expectations a manager may be asked to look after.

  • tournament registration and payment (registration fee paid on behalf of team not submitted by individual player participation)
  • track health issues such as asthma or allergies
  • collect team fees – usually used to cover tournaments, additional uniforms and other team incidentals
  • book out of town lodging for tournaments (i.e. block a number of rooms to be booked by individual families by a specific date)
  • provincial registration and payment
  • organize Early Bird diamond responsibilities and concession duties
  • review the need for meals between games at tournaments and delegate this responsibility
  • communicate and pass along zone or team fundraising initiatives. No large expenditure should be made without majority team consent
  • take care of maintaining a First-Aid Kit for all games and practices
  • arrange team photos
  • end of season uniform collection
  • appreciation gifts
  • ensure any remaining team funds are redistributed
  • facilitate team events, but not necessarily the one to carry them out (i.e. team wind up)
  • delegating Team Responsibilities

A team manager should not try to do everything all themselves. It is recommended that a manger look for a team treasurer to help with the financial aspects of a team. A treasurer takes care of the following:

  • opening a team bank account where two signatures are required
  • all expenditures must be accompanied by a receipt
  • cheques provided to Manager for submission with registration entry forms
  • responsible for financial report to all team parents at end of ball season
  • work with Team Manager on redistribution of any remaining team funds
  • to help get the players outfitted for the season, may wish to look for a Uniform Parent to take care of the following:
  • work to coordinate players’ sizes and numbers if adding to your uniform needs (i.e. another jersey, pants, wind jackets, etc.)
  • work with the Manager to help if uniform laundry is needed during tournaments
  • collection of uniforms at end of season


Athlete Medical Information Form

All players will need to fill out an Athlete Medical Information Form and return the form to the team manager. It is recommended that the head coach keep a copy of these in a binder with them at all practices and games.


Emergency Action Plan

All teams must also complete an emergency action plans for their home diamond(s).