Winter Pitching Clinic

The clinic is run by Amber Rambally, former NCAAJC conference all star and current U of S women’s softball assistant coach.

Date and Time: Mondays and Thursdays, 7-6 pm starting Oct. 23 running through the end of March.
Location: Saskatoon French High School, 2320 Louise Ave
Cost: $285 (Mondays), $300 (Thursdays) or $500 for both

For more information or to register contact Amber Rambally at or call 306-220-0425

JQFP Softball Clinics

  • Pitching instruction (Fall and Winter)
  • Hitting Instruction (Fall and Winter)
  • Skills and Break Clinics (Winter)
  • Indoor Softball league

Please go to for information and to register or call 306-914-4347.

222 Fastpitch Clinics

222 Fastpitch is offers the following:

  • Hitting instruction (Winter)
  • Catching instruction (Depending on Demand)
  • Pitching Instruction (Depending On Demand)
  • Fall/Winter Intensive Training

Please go to or call 306-222-5900 or 306-529-3077 for information.